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About me:
hardcore subtexter, lesbian, vegan, cat-lover, intellectual, sociology student...
Edinburgh, UK
Political views:
lesbian feminist
Religious views:
Interested in:
Films and shows featuring strong women & lesbians, feminist books & lesbian utopia fiction, music with female singers, cooking vegan food, going out with friends, studying political topics...
Favorite Music:
Collide (band), Heather Nova, Melissa Etheridge, Flyleaf, Alanis Morissette, Delta Goodrem, Evanescence, Nightwish, Le Tigre, t.A.T.u., K.D. Lang, Sinead O’ Connor, Neneh Cherry, Pat Benatar, Luba, Alix Dobkin (singer of the “Lesbian Code”), and a few more…
Favorite TV Shows:
Xena Warrior Princess, Wonder Woman, Twilight Zone, Buffy, etc.
Favorite Movies:
Resident Evil trilogy (with Milla Jovovich), Underworld, Nightmare on Elm Street (1, 4 & 7), the Alien film series, Ms. 45, Carrie, The Fury, Panic Room, The Brave One, Double Jeopardy, Enough, The Accused, etc. Lesbian movies: Show Me Love (Swedish movie), Fried Green Tomatoes, Loving Annabelle, Fire (Indian movie), I Can't Think Straight, But I'm a Cheerleader, The Journey, Fingersmith, Saving Face, Amour de Femme, etc...
Favorite Books:
Feminist non-fiction literature. Fiction: The Color Purple, The Female Man, Daughters of a Coral Dawn, Holdfast Chronicles, Ammonite, etc.
Favorite Quotes:
"Everything happens precisely as it should" -Xena, When Fates Collide. "Even in Death, Gabrielle, I will never leave you." -Xena, One Against an Army. "Xena and I have a connection. It's stronger than either one of us. We're soul mates... There's more to being a warrior than skill. There's fighting for what you believe in, for people that you love." -Gabrielle, The Ring. "With each battle, I lose more of myself.” -Gabrielle, To Helicon and Back. "War's tough on us all, Gabrielle." -Xena, To Helicon and Back. “I am the truth of who you are. Our souls are united, Xena.” -Gabrielle, Return or the Valkyrie. "More of us may die today, but the Amazon nation... It will live on forever. That is the duty that we carry, and the everlasting honor that we will hold." -Gabrielle, To Helicon and Back. "I have many skills." -Xena, The Black Wolf. “You like shoving women around so much? Try me.” -Xena, to a soldier in The Black Wolf. "Go home. There are thousands more like me!" -Xena, to the Romans in OAAA. " I want you to know that I still think you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You gave my life meaning and joy-- and you will be a part of me forever." -Xena, to Gabrielle, in Sacrifice 2. "Gabrielle, you were the best thing in my life." -Xena, Ides of March. “Xena, when I'm with you, this emptiness that I have felt my entire life is gone.” -Gabrielle, When Fates Collide. “[Fates: Burning the loom will destroy everything] So be it. Your loom destroyed what was meant to be.” -Gabrielle, When Fates Collide.

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